Designing and Constructing The Dovetail Joint

Date:  Saturday May 20, 2023

Time:  12:30 to 4:30

Location:Woodcraft training room, Knoxville TN

Instructor:Bill Key



Overview:  The course will be an introduction to the design and construction of the dovetail joint.  The course will include lecture, demonstration, and hands-on covering the following aspects of dovetail joinery:

·      Material preparation

·      Design and layout of the joint

·      Hand sawing the tails and pins

·      Using the bandsaw as an alternative

·      Clearing the waste with the coping saw and chisels

·      Transferring the tails to the pin board

·      Completing the joint

This introductory class is intended to give you the pointers needed for you to develop your skills through continued practice.


A list of tools you will need is given below. Any tools you don’t have will be provided by the instructor or will be shared.



  • Pencil and Note pad
  • Flat sided knife (marking knife or xacto)
  • Try square
  • Marking gauge or cutting gauge
  • Sliding bevel or dovetail saddle marker
  • Dovetail saw (or Japanese Dozuki saw or gents saw)
  • Coping saw (or jewelers saw)
  • 6” ruler
  • Safety glasses